This is a safe space. 

Where you are now, we have all been there. Filled with fear. Numb. Feeling guilt. Questioning. At a loss of what happens next. 

Your reaction is normal. Your feelings are valid. 

You are not alone. 

First Step: Understanding Your Rights


There is no "right way" to heal from sexual violence. 

You have experienced something that no person should ever have to endure, but you survived.

You are a survivor. 

You have options. You have rights. 

Your location during the time of your assault will determine the exact steps you must take should you choose to report sexual violence. Regardless of location however, you have no obligation to report your assault to police unless you wish to access justice through the legal system.  

For your safety, and your mental and physical well-being, we recommend seeking medical treatment at your nearest hospital. There, you can speak to a qualified professional to determine your next steps. Should your local hospital be insensitive to your experience, or struggle to provide local resources for psycho-social support, please reach out directly to our team. 

Learn more about Survivors Rights in Canada in Episode Four: Understanding Your Rights Pt. 1. 

In this episode we outline the rights of survivors of sexual violence in Canada. We share information regarding She Matters campaign to make sexual assault kits available at every Canadian hospital, and outline the rights and freedoms of survivors as listed in the Victim Bill of Rights.

In this episode we provide you with the information to understand your rights as a survivor in Canada, and the steps to follow if your rights have been violated.

Coffee & Connection

1:1 Sessions 

Coffee & Connection with She Matters provides survivors with an opportunity to connect with a fellow survivor and peer mentor.

Coffee & Connection Sessions are suitable for survivors who require additional support navigating through the following areas:

  • reporting sexual violence
  • navigating through the justice process
  • sharing your experiences with a partner or loved one
  • reconnecting with your body
  • general support from a fellow survivor

You are not alone.

We are stronger together.

Needing more support on your journey to healing? Join the She Rises Community. 

She Rises Community is a safe space for women-identifying survivors to share their truths and heal in community. 

A community by survivors, for survivors where we can share the highs and lows of our healing journey without fear of judgement.